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Welcome to our stupid world

So this page is about things.  Some of those things might get weird.  We consider ourselves weirdness professionals.  We fly the freak flag high and we’re proud of it.  We like things that attempt to reduce the suck of the world.  One of the ways you can do this is to make cool stuff.  Here is some of that stuff.

John Oestreich

Serial corn dog eater.  I love humans, coffee, and Arnold Palmer. (the drink)  These are my opinions. Not necessarily shared by reasonable-minded people nor my benevolent corporate overlords.  Sarcasm falls out of my mouth.  Teach communications – been puttin’ the ‘elation’ in Public Relations for 6 years.  Aggressively unfancy.   I am married and am in the process of raising two more serial corn dog eaters.  Can be found in room 1309.

Joel Bruns

Nerdist.  Podcasterist. Makerer of sundry things.    


Videos.  Videos we have shot. Other people’s videos.  Videos we like from anywhere we find them.


These are a lot like videos, they just do not move.



Stuff we make

Stuff.  Stuff like screamboxes, or items which make life easier for people.  Or goose cams…mainly goose cam stuff.

Here is what is going on in our minds.

The voices that are under our beds migrate to our heads every now and then.



Our Cleanses

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