So I will just admit from word go:  I am living vicariously through my kids on this one.  Remembering back, I always thought it would be so great to have a baseball diamond at my house where I could go out and take cuts and field ground balls and pitch whenever I wanted.  This did not work well when I lived in the city and we really did not have the land availabe when I moved out to the country.  But here I am now.  Watering growing grass and imagining what it will be like this summer.

How it came to be is really amazing.  I was simply talking to my father in law Bob, and the topic of a ball diamond came up.  I truly was joking when I said how cool it would be, because that would mean losing farmland.  I would totally understand why this was not really possible – that is how he makes his living after all.  Then a day or two later I receive a pic of the land and he has drawn lines on it basically outlining a field.  And it began.

It has not come without some hard work.  I wish I knew how many rocks we took out of that field.  Actually I don’t really want to know come to think of it.  Whenever we hit a ball in the field this summer, we always said we had to come back with at least 5 rocks after retrieving the ball.  We weeded and tilled, planted and watered, and it is starting to come together.  The grass still has a ways to go, but it will fill out during the fall and hopefully be ready for us to actually cut out the mound, bases, and home plate areas in the spring.


As I wrote this – I came upon this article:  CLICK HERE

I pray this never happens to our diamond.  Makes me sick to my stomach.