Andddddddd let the jokes begin…now.  Yes – the name of the bag is Nutsac.  The one-liner options are plenty.  “Have you seen my Nutsac?”  Or a fast one, “Nice Nutsac.”  I simply am going to need to get over this because I am a high school teacher and they are going to eat me alive with this if I let them.  I am going to try something different:  I am going to be the grownup and stay out of the fray…just this once.

So, actually about the bag.  I love it.  It does not have all of the space and pockets that my old nike backpack did, but so what?  I carried around way too much crap anyway.  I have always thought that becoming a minimalist might be nice, so heres my chance.  

Started taking things out of the old bag and putting them in the new and noticed that the aforementioned minimalism is not going to be a choice – it is indeed smaller.  But the quality of the material is really great.  It is waxed canvas and looks like it was designed to go to war.   It also has marks on it, imperfections that give it character in my opinion.  There are some pockets inside and out that will prove to be convenient.  There is a zippered pocket inside that I really like because I am able to put my laptop sleeve in it and leave it there – just unzip the sleeve and remove the laptop.  iPad fits along with some notebooks and cords, it will all work just going to take a little getting used to.

How did I hear about this bag?  I was looking online for a new bag and this company came up as one that made bags that have lifetime warranties.  After reading more about it, I figured this was a bag that I could probably finish my career with.  Time will tell.  I will do another review after I have used it for a couple months.