Once I had a boat.  I appropriately named her “The Turd.”  She was poo brown right out of the 70s – hear any song by Credence Clearwater and think of yourself on the water and you will get the vibe.  But it didn’t sink and the motor ran so as far as first boats go, it was pretty cool.  There were things on it that didn’t work, but there are things on me that don’t work so…I digress.

I would like a boat to fish in, but also capable of taking the family swimming at Geist or somewhere else.  I see in my head this place I took Libby to when I had Turd.  Now it was kind of a rough start because when we go to these islands I bottomed out the boat and had to jump in and push it off.  Its whatever.  But I remember the water being really clear there and that would be a cool place to swim and even snorkel.  I think the boys would really like it and it would work for Libby too.  Anyway, I am hoping something like this works out in the near future.  Who knows.  Stay tuned.

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