So as many of you know, my parents have a tendency to buy and sell houses like many other people change underwear.  (We will not even discuss their habits with RVs)  I was trying to count up all the times they had since they ‘retired’ and I came up with 8.  Not sure if that is right or wrong – if its wrong, please contact me and I will update the page.  I digress.

The latest entry in the home purchasing olympic games will be in Rogersville, TN.  Knowing that I will inevitably be spending some time there, I began researching the place.  Come to think of it, I bet I might know more about the place than they do.  But who can blame them? They are probably right now looking at where they might live after this place…



After a bit of consideration, it really looks like a quaint, lovely little place.  I think the downtown area looks really great, almost Norman Rockwell.  There are some great little shops it looks like there – places where the same people eat all the time and everyone knows their names and orders.  Either that or I have been watching the Family Channel too much.

There is something called ‘Heritage Days’ that looks really cool too.  Heritage Days are October 13-15 this year and at it is described this way:  The festival showcases traditional music, storytellers, and dancers, special activities for children, demonstrations of pioneer skills, antique quilts, cars and farm equipment, a juried craft show, and a food court to delight everyone!


This caught my attention on the rogersville heritage website also: (site link above) There is a place called Joseph Rogers Tavern.  The page had a little blurb that was interesting.

Joseph Rogers built the inn in 1786.  The original log-and-stone structure is now under clapboard siding. It is located at 205 South Rogers Street.  Legend tells about an early visitor to Rogers Tavern. One day, a stranger came to the inn and asked for a room. The landlady showed him a room that he could share with two other gentlemen. The stranger proceeded to make disparaging remarks about a town that could not offer a gentleman a private room. Another guest at the inn overheard the remarks and seized the stranger by the arm ushering the stranger to the corncrib out back and threw him in. Once locked inside, the stranger was asked if he was willing to apologize and accept the first-offered room. He agreed. The guest who requested the apology was none other than Andrew Jackson.

As with many things Tennessee, there is a great deal of eye candy insofar as the natural views it affords as well as the local downtown buildings.  I am really excited to check this place out and just explore all there is to offer.  There is also the Holston River that runs nearby.  I have seen some really cool images of it as well as Google Maps.  The water looks super clear and I am betting there are fish in there, although my last fishing trip was not very successful. Hopefully that changes.  

You Tube had something to offer as well.  I was actually really impressed – the footage from this place was really cool.  From the nature views and river, to the downtown area with all of that old school red brick, there really seems to be quite a bit to check out.  Some of the stores, just from looking at the front of them looked like there might be some really neat old stuff in there.

As I have said, I really cannot wait to get there and check it all out.  You have to make the most of your time when visiting whatever new locale my parents call home.

One last bit of snark – look in the middle of the map above and you will see the most important of things – THERE IS A WALMART SUPERCENTER!!!!

Now if only they had a Lowes closeby…