As spring comes ever closer, my thoughts move to getting outside more and more.  One of thoser things that I really enjoy doing is getting in the White River with my kayak and seeing if I can find some smallies.  With that thought in mind, I began doing some research  on places where I might be able to get in the water (if I ever, ever get my truck back) in central Indiana.

One of the first places I began reading about was the White river.  Those readings opened my eyes to some things, so I decided to upload some of those findings here.  At least I will know where I put some of this stuff.



To the right you can see my baby – just washed her there; isn’t she pretty?

But all the prettiness comes at a price paid in weight.  Moving it around can definitely be cumbersome, so finding good launches is really important.  There are 3 launches that I have used with some regularity over the years and 2 of them really require quite the pain in the rear to get the boat in the water.  So I began researching for some easier options while remaining close.  I found several that look promising.

Now if only I can get my truck back…  


Potters Bridge is pretty cool – I have taken the boys there, but it never occurred to me to use the launch.  It looks like a really easy location for launch as well as a good parking lot.