16 years…16…years…16 YEARS!!!!!

I simply cannot believe that this guy last created 16 years ago.  I can remember sitting in my classroom while I was teaching in the IPS system and start my day with an Ask a Ninja video. (There was another video I used to like to start the day with as well and it had The Rock in it, but that is for another time)  It went kinda like this – “Antonio?  Where are you? – theres a new Ask a Ninja.”  This makes me sad.  I cannot decide if it is because I am 50 years old and I watched this in my early 30s – so perhaps I am lamenting my ephemeralism?  Or is it that I just miss this dude creating content?  Miss sitting with my buddy and laughing at how awesome this guy was?  Dunno.

Anyway – what a shtick!  This guy had it all.  But the videography was so, so secondary to the writing.  I saw that he did some stuff with Will Ferrel, back when he was actually funny, and I wonder if that led him to doing new things and he had to give up the YouTube channel.  It will remain a mystery, but he is still really funny.

“Black, black, black….black, black, black,black…black, black…dead.”







Left: The man behind the mask, and all the awesome: Douglas Sarine